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retro artwork depicting a hand painted digital watch from the 1980s

It Does Everything by Mark Taylor - Another work added the the Retro Revival Collection

With more than 100 works created in a single year, my Retro Revival Collection continues to grow. New collections of retro inspired works will be added throughout 2023! You can see the entire collection on my Pixels store here or you can order directly. If you are interested in owning an original retro inspired artwork, please contact me. Galleries with an interest in exhibiting all or part of this collection should email me with the subject heading that includes your gallery name.  Currently I am primarily focussing on the UK and US markets but am open to exhibiting in other territories too. I can also offer exclusivity for some works.
hand painted digital watch from the 1980s

Class of 86 - hand drawn and painted - this was created in around 70-hours, initially using mixed media - alcohol based inks which were then scanned and a hand drawn watch was juxtaposed with further effects then hand drawn. 

abstract face art

Waiting in the Sky is a celebration of 80s anarchic punk and the punk/rock music inspired by the likes of Bowie. 

bicycle artwork with Union Jack flag British bike

Britain's Best Bike by Mark Taylor - this was technically challenging, the seat includes hand drawn details that provide a leather effect. This work is best seen on a large format canvas to appreciate the level of detail.

1980s musical toy keyboard artwork
Again, this was hand drawn on a digital medium. 80s Toy Keyboard is a stunning work that was originally created as a commission. Prints are available from my Pixels store/Fine Art America
1980s technology with computers VHS video media and TV
Eighties Home Entertainment is a unique pictorial history of  typic 80s technology household. Available on my Pixels Store, Fine Art America, or various retailers across the USA and Canada.
vintage computer storage medium art by Mark Taylor

Storage Wars - A retro inspired work that takes the authentic and builds upon that specific moment in cultural history.

Unique Retro Art 
I am often described by clients as one of the few authentic retro artists who used Photoshop on Day One of its release, and lived the 80s technology life right at the start of the 80s. Quickly moving to become a professional retro artist, my work back then included everything from creating video game assets for home computer games to painting the side art on arcade cabinets - mainly bootlegs at a local arcade but quickly gaining a following by those who got into collecting arcade cabs from the beginning when they were slightly more affordable than they are today! I used to work for credits, today I'm equally as happy to work for retro computers, that way we cut out the middle man as most of my spare change goes into preserving the 1980s anyway!
Are you looking for a unique and captivating way to celebrate the nostalgia and influence of technology on popular culture? Look no further! My retro-inspired artwork showcases the beauty and significance of vintage computers, technology, video game ephemera, and more.
Each piece in my collection is meticulously hand-painted and drawn, capturing the essence and realism of these iconic technological devices and cultural touchstones. My art transports you back to a time when technology was rapidly advancing and shaping the world, and brings to life the memories and emotions associated with the popular culture of the 1980s and 1990s.
Not only does my artwork serve as a nostalgic tribute to the past, but it also highlights the timeless themes of innovation, creativity, and the impact of technology on our lives. As technology continues to evolve, my art offers a glimpse into the past, preserving the memory of these objects and their cultural significance for generations to come.
In addition, my passion for vintage computer preservation is evident in every piece. I believe that it is important to preserve the memory of these objects and the role they played in our cultural history. By purchasing my artwork, you not only get a beautiful and unique piece to display in your home or office, but you also support the preservation of vintage technology and its cultural impact.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of nostalgic art that celebrates the influence of technology on popular culture. Invest in my retro-inspired artwork today!

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