I am an artist and a blogger who supports other independent creatives with practical advice, tips. and insight from my 30+ years of experience of the art world through my regular blog and social media updates.
I primarily use digital techniques and digitally create by hand with a stylus and I also paint using traditional mediums too. I specialise  in creating artwork depicting nature, landscapes, and abstracts. I also create book covers and artwork for use in TV and film productions.
I live in Staffordshire, England, with my wife, daughter, and two dogs, and I frequently travel across Europe and the United States. My work is sold online and can be ordered through more than 150 retail locations across the USA and Canada.
My passion is to create work which is inspired by my travels around the world, producing an eclectic mix of styles across multiple genres which brings together the diversity of the world I have been lucky enough to travel. In 2004, I received a royal award from HRH Princess Anne for my services in delivering environmental education to disadvantaged groups and authoring academic qualifications related to the protection of the environment and the use of information technology and virtual learning environments. 
My artistic influences range from Banksy to Matisse, and I'm an avid collector of retro inspired works which follows my passion for retro gaming and modern pop culture history.  Aside from the work you will find in my Pixels and Fine Art America stores, I create retro and vintage inspired works with a focus on 8-bit and 16-bit computer art using the technologies available in the early days of home computers to provide authenticity to each piece. My collection of vintage technology includes everything from the UKs Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, and more. I also have a collection of vintage technology from the 80s and 90s which can be hired for use in TV and film productions. 
Outside of my artwork I also work in Criminal Justice and academia and have previously worked and qualified as a Senior Medical Technical Officer in Orthopaedic Trauma. I also qualified as a teacher of further adult education and regularly work with colleges and universities.  I am also a regular public speaker covering topics from art to the environment to vintage technology and modern day cyber security. My love for the arts stems back to my childhood and the awe of seeing works of art on display in some of the world's finest galleries and arts institutions. 
I have previously worked in radio and appeared on TV, spent time as a DJ in the 90's, produced and influenced secure web and cloud based solutions for secure and hostile environments around the world. I am proud to be an independent visual artist and to support other independent creatives around the world.

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